Hotnatured Chinese painting series Puerh Teas

A visitor to the home of tea has so many questions. Understanding their answers will bring you closer to the history and mystery of tea. Appreciating Chinese Tea Series will help you. Content: Part1 Learning about Pu-erh Tea from Its Processing Techniques. Part2 Classification of Pu-erh Tea. Part3 Brewing Pu-erh Tea. Part4 Appreciation of Pu …Quality characteristics of the five major tea mountains: Bulang Mountain Pu-erh Tea: The leaf is soft and tender, the leaf bottom is elastic, the soup is orange and bright, the taste is strong, the returning back is sweet and strong, and the aroma is unique. It is the favorite collection of many Chinese and foreign merchants and Pu-erh tea lovers.Taste wonderful cup of pu-erh or gu-shu tea! You can find in our shop teas, teapots, kettles, cups, ceramics from artists like Andrzej Bero, Taisuke Shiraiwa.The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries. C-PE305 Cooked Ripe Puerh Tea Yunnan Black Pu’er Tea Chinese Puerh tea Health Food. It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed.—— Tea More Than 50 Years Old Pu Er Puerh Pu er Tea Pu erh Pu’er Puer Made in 1962 Year Tea Brick Lose Weight Tea. 62 fragrant tea brick from the world of tea source, tea is one of the most primitive, natural, is the ancient tea known as “living antique, can drink of the cultural relics”.High quality organic hotnatured Chinese culture slimming puer tea. … Brick shape Puer Tea,Mini Puer Tuocha,Puer Tea Cake cooked and uncooken,ripe and raw,fermented and unfermented Puer Tea Series,fermented and unfermented Thank you for looking! … 1990 Year Pu erh Tea Yunnan Chinese Tea High Quality LAO CHA TOU Ripe Tea.250g Made In 1970 Ripe PuEr Tea High quality Yunnan Pu’er Tea Ancient Tree Puer China Slimming Green Food for Health Care. The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries.Puerh tea is alive. It evolves and ages on our side, sometimes passed down from generation to generation before being consumed. Puerh tea amateur does not just enjoy their tea everyday, but often tend to put aside for the future, whether it is a single shelf, a small cellar personal, a real collection of tea or a long-term storage.Welcome to my eBay store. Please add me to your favourite list. I am glad to deal with you. Enjoy your Life-reflect beauty,pleasure,health and happiness… Shopping in my outlet store = Refuse profits!Holland America Zuiderdam Cruise Reviews for Senior Cruises to Panama Canal & Central America: Read 32 cruise reviews of Holland America Zuiderdam Senior cruises to Panama Canal & Central America.

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