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The dried lavender buds were widely used in traditional remedies for centuries. Lavender has remained a significant part of the fragrance industry as well. After the discovery of various health benefits, lavender tea got famous all across the world. Nutritional Value of Lavender Tea. One cup of freshly brewed lavender tea contains following …Tea lovers with a taste for exotic varieties may be familiar with pu-erh tea, a brew prized for its rich flavor. Named for a city in the Yunnan region of China (and primarily produced in that region), pu-erh tea is also said to boast a wide range of health benefits.Nursing, pregnant or considering pregnancy should consult health care practitioner prior to using any herbs or tea. Wholesale Orders. If you have your own tea shop, SPA or any other business where you serve tea, then write to us. We will try to offer an interesting price for the wholesale order of Lavender tea. Our email is to Store Your Tea. You’ll want to take care as you store, brew and drink your tea to enjoy the greatest health benefits and best flavor. Like most fresh foods, good storage extends the shelf life, quality and flavor. 45 Light and UV rays will degrade your tea quickly, so avoid purchasing from vendors who store their product in clear containers.White tea is a good source of EGCG and is a viable alternative to green tea for people who seek a slightly different flavor but still want to take advantage of EGCG’s health benefits. Studies show that the two types of tea are essentially equivalent in their catechin content, depending on the tea’s source and processing.According to recent foreign media reports, drinking three cups of tea a day can play a variety of roles in disease prevention and treatment. Experts suggest having a cup of tea in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening. Black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea contain four main health-promoting antioxidants.White tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease, combat skin aging and even help with weight loss. This article lists 10 science-backed benefits of drinking white tea.Oolong tea is also less acidic than green tea for the most part, so people with stomach problems may be able to drink Oolong, even though they can’t drink green tea. Typically, Oolong tea is associated with what we normally refer to as “Chinese tea ceremony,” or the practice of serving tea using small tea pots and cups.From an overall health standpoint, trying to find the “healthiest” tea is not the most constructive approach. Balentine says, “True tea, i.e. black, green, oolong, and white (but not “herbal”) teas, are all produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.”It is the way in which each tea is harvested or processed that differentiate the various products from the same plant.7 Healthy Teas You Should Be Drinking (Instead Of Coffee Or Soda) By Megan Breinig / On June 21, 2014 / … Many different types of tea, such as white tea, green tea, yellow tea, black tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea, … White. White tea, with its many proven health benefits, is the ultimate multi-tasker of teas. …

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