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Tea lovers with a taste for exotic varieties may be familiar with pu-erh tea, a brew prized for its rich flavor. Named for a city in the Yunnan region of China (and primarily produced in that region), pu-erh tea is also said to boast a wide range of health benefits.If required flavors and essential oil can be added to the brewed tea for those who like it. Health benefits of chunmee green tea. As chunmee green tea is a green tea it has all the benefits of a green tea, containing polyphenols which have anti-aging properties, prevent many ailments like heart diseases, stroke.Pu-erh teas are available as a cake of compressed tea leaves, loose tea leaves or in tea bags. For one cup of water, about one teaspoon of leaves, or one tea bag, is needed. Traditionally, this variety of tea is made using a yixing teapot or a gawain teabowl.Pu’erh is one of those teas you either love or hate. This special category of tea has a very distinctive flavor and many proven benefits. Being a fermented tea, pu’erh is most commonly used for weight management, regulating cholesterol and blood sugar. What is pu’erh tea and what does science say about its benefits?What does bring, however, is a mix of antioxidants and natural compounds that have a wide range of health benefits. Often, just inhaling the aroma is enough to benefit from jasmine petals! Consuming it with nutritious green tea (read more about the health benefits of green tea in our guide ) is the best way to make sure you absorb all the …The health benefits of tea also include easier weight management and it can also help you unwind and de-stress. Boost your tea consumption and toast to your health. Choose from sweet, vegetal Japanese green teas or opt for robust flavor with European or Chinese black teas.Sure I don’t totally boycott tea the rest of the year, I drink a few glasses of iced tea every now and then, but during this time of year two cups of HOT tea is a daily norm. And I think it all started when I finally did some research on the health benefits of tea and also found a few varieties of tea I absolutely love.Pu-erh tea or Pu-er, pronounced “poo-erh,” takes its name from a town in the Yunnan Province of China. Like wine, it improves with age; some pu-erhs are still drinkable after 50 years! Also known as weight loss teas in traditional societies, the health benefits of Pu-erh Tea are helping this aged tea gain popularity in the West.Green tea specifically is known for its array of health benefits, which have been supported by a growing number of studies. Green tea research has demonstrated that it may be an effective anticancer agent for breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer, among others.Cinnamon Tea Offers Delightful Flavor and Health Benefits Cinnamon is often used in spiced teas like marsala chai that are popular during winter months. A cinnamon stick may also be added to any black, green, or oolong tea to for extra flavor.

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