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My guess is that green and white pu-erh tea are much more like pu-erh tea than green and white tea. Compared to other pu-erh tea, they should be higher quality, as the tea shoots are more tender and more potent. They should also contain less contaminants. Hope this helps.In China, a pu-erh tea is known as a post-oxidized tea.. What this means is that while in the factory, it is made with minimal oxidation. This is achieved by applying heat to the leaves early in the tea-making process, which kills the leaf enzymes and stop the leaves from oxidizing.Pu-erh tea contains antioxidants, which can help prevent damage caused by free radicals.If left unchecked, free radicals can lead to disease and illness. Drink a cup of pu-erh any time you need a …What Determines Pu Erh Tea Prices? August 17, … Young tea tree plants are used for both good quality ripe and raw pu erh. 3. Old tea tree. … In theory, the shape has nothing to do with quality, and thus shouldn’t affect the pu erh tea price. However, in practice, mini tuochas (tea in small dome shape) tend to be more often made from lower …Manufacturer: Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha(Group) Co.,Ltd. Premium Aged Chenpi Puer Tea Orange Skin Ripe Puerh Puer Pu’er Loose Tea 312# 263751841650. Anniversary Shu Puer Tea “9978” Haiwan Tea Factory 2019 Pu Er Ripe Tea 357g 264228136350.Little Orange Pu’er Tea, is made of green citrus from Xinhui, Guangdong Province and Palace Pu’er tea from Yunnan Province as the raw material. With the absence of any additive, the tea is made by special processing. Its characteristic first is the sweet taste, the unique fruit flavor and the gentlePu’er tea contains compounds that can support digestion and help promote healthy weight management . Researchers believe that pu’er tea helps to block the enzymes that trigger the body to store fat. The enzymes in the pu’er tea also helped process lipids, which is why this type of tea may support healthy circulation too.Free Shipping anywhere on Earth for any order with the Chocobar Sample Set, use coupon code: basics The Chocobar Tasting set is a sample set that explores different tea types in a convenient and easy to brew chocolate bar brick shape. The tea types include: Raw Puer Tea; Ripe Puer TeaBy visiting tea gardens, TeaVivre carefully select high quality Pu-erh Tea, including Raw Puerh, Ripe Puerh, Aged Puerh, Cake Tea, Tuocha, Brick Puerh etc. Different from most of other teas, Puerh teas are commonly aged to develop matured rich, mellow, smooth and complex taste. Well-known for helping weight loss health benefitGOARTEA Tea Store aim to provide a variety of good quality China teas and teawares. Our registered brand to USPTO: GOARTEA. We retail and wholesale Black, Puer, Oolong, Green, Dark, White and Flower Tea, we also have complete series of tea accessories in our tea Store!

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