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Since the period of Ancient Tea Horse Road, Pu-erh teas in Yunnan were often named after its particular Mountain on which they’re grown to define its special taste. Pu-erh tea is not only very beneficial to our body, but also has the value of collection. Let’s go through this article and learn the top 10 famous Pu-erh stockades out there.Pu-erh tea can be stored for a long time in a suitable environment (light, dry, no smell), and the more fragrant and fragrant, the value will increase with time, so there are many “Pu-erh tea” players like to collect Pu-erh tea, one is satisfied The need to store old tea and drink new tea, in addition to satisfying their own investment …This organic Pu-Erh Tea offers the best of both worlds – classic pu-erh flavor and aroma at an affordable price. Plus, it is now Fair Trade Certified!The larger-sized organic tea leaves render a dark red-brown infusion with moderate body. A great everyday organic Chinese tea, and perfect for those just being introduced to pu-erh teas!. Ingredients: organic Chinese pu-erh teaAnyone interested in topping the notch to their personal puerh collection is certainly interested in like knowing what the top 10 pu erh brands in China are. Of course, depending upon where one queries there will be quite a bit of difference in the results.Famous Brand Puerh Tea,357g Menghai Ripe Puer,Chinese Yunnan Shu Pu’er,gift. … $2.47. Free shipping . 357g Chinese Yunnan Organic Old Ripe Puer Tea Cake Shu Pu Erh Cooked Puerh Tea. $8.85. $9.62 + $1.99 Shipping . 2008 Year Yunnan Puer Cake Shu Pu Er 100g Old Long Yu Ripe Puerh Tea … Details about 2008 Collection Puerh Tea,357g Shu Puer …It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed. China Famous Lao Tong Zhi Brand Ripe Pu’er Brick Tea * Organic Puer Tea | eBayLoose leaf Pu erh is an aged black tea from the Yunnan province. The rich earthy flavor changes with every brew, growing lighter and sweeter with each cup. An ancient tea from Yunnan, Pu-erh’s earthy pleasures have a passionate group of followers.Can we drink tea overnight or to see how to drink it, not the tea that is separated every night, the general overnight tea can not drink, so people usually think that the overnight Pu-erh tea also Can’t drink. However, Pu-erh tea is very resistant to foam and has good quality, which determines the particularity of Pu-erh tea.Organic Ancient Green Tuo Cha Pu Erh Tea This young green pu erh replaces our previous Ancient Green Pu-erh which is permanently sold out. It consists of tightly compressed dark green organic tea leaves that have been processed using the traditional qing (or sheng) technique, also referred to as “raw.”Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea This wonderfully aromatic, organic loose leaf tea combines Pu-erh, a traditional Chinese dark tea , with an American favorite – chocolate and almonds. While Pu-erh teas have grown in popularity in the US because of their smooth rich taste and health benefits, some consumers still do not prefer their unique earthy aroma.

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