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English Breakfast Tea is one of the most popular tea blends in the world. This eye-opening black tea boasts a robust flavor profile and can add an essential pick-me-up to a morning routine. In addition to its invigorating taste, the energy-boosting effects of this and other black teas are due to caffeine, a chemical found naturally in popular …Tea is in. The average American drinks some 155 cups a year. There is no doubt that tea is an invigorating drink – probably due to how much caffeine is in tea (about half the caffeine of coffee).. And the national waistline would be far better off if we replaced some of that soda with tea (provided we sipped it with little or no sugar).English breakfast tea is a classic black tea that is made from different blends of tea, such as Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas. 1 These different types of tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant — the same plant from which green, oolong and white teas are made.Our English Breakfast Tea combines top-quality black teas from premier tea gardens. The result is a very distinctive, rich tea. It takes milk and sugar very well. This stimulating tea is the perfect morning wake-up drink. There are many differing stories regarding the origin of English Breakfast Tea.It has the same health benefits as green tea, with minimal caffeine. Example: Pai Mu Tan. Herbal Tea Not considered “true” tea by purists, these consist of herbs, spices and/or fruits. Turner recommends citrus teas for morning, peppermint for a mid-afternoon boost, a sweet tea for dessert and chamomile before bed.7 Black Tea Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of. 7 Black Tea Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of. … Various studies show that black tea may reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries, especially in women. … When caffeine from black tea reaches your stomach, it causes the production of various acidic substances, which your body cannot …Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat.Before we are going down to the health benefits of tea without milk and sugar, we need to make it clear that the tea we are talking about is the massively consumed black tea from Camellia Sinesis plant. The health benefits of tea without milk and sugar comes from the nutrition value in tea itself.

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