Dried Lavender petal pu erh TUOCHA tea

Lavender tea is an immensely popular herbal tea. The beverage is known for calming and soothing effects as well as a sweet and floral aroma. Drinking lavender tea is a great way to escape into a world of bliss and succulent flavor. Brew up a cup of hot tea or iced tea with our favorite lavender tea recipes.Our Lavender tea is 100% natural herbal tea that comes from the flowers of fragrant plants. Lavender is known worldwide, but in Asia, it has received popularity, because of its beneficial properties. Lavender is known worldwide, but in Asia, it has received popularity, because of its beneficial properties.Mini Pu erh tuocha. Pu erh tea is an important part of the Yunnan culture. For a beginning pu erh tea explorer there is definitely a long way to go in order to fully appreciate the complexity of this type of tea. Sip and feel its richness in taste that evolves after each steep and imagine the history that is within this tea.Shop Lavender Flower known for its color and perfume-like flavor. Rub lavender on meats or add to vegetables, casseroles, jellies, and baked goods. … Oolong, Green, White and even Pu’erh tea blends. Skip the artificial beverages and enjoy the simple, pure, quality of iced tea.All tea blending components we sell are originated from reputable and ethical sources widely recognized as one of the world’s safest and highly experienced manufacturers of dried herbs and fruits. All tea products sold in our Tea House are meet EU/Canada/USA/Japan specifications for agricultural inputs and have organic and food safety certifications: Canadian Organic, EU Organic, USDA, Avendra …Buy premium loose leaf tea. Luxury Green, White, Oolong, Puerh, Black, Herbal tea. The wide selection of organic teas. Tealyra. Collection #417.Black tea with jammy natural pomegranate, cranberry, peony petals, natural dried pomegranate and plum. 212 degrees/5‐8 minutes/50g/TEA027… View full product details »

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