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Tea – Hawthorn Berry. These are dried Hawthorn Berries and their use dates to the ancient Greeks.Hawthorn Berry tea and syrup: Put dried hawthorn berries-water mixture over low heat and slowly bring it to a simmering boil.Easy Hawthorn Berry Tea. Mountain Rose Herbs is an excellent source for dried hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers.

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High Grade Dried Shan Zha Hawthorn Berry Without Core Fruit Tea. 1 Hawthorn 15 grams, 6 grams Apocynum leaves , Schisandra 5 grams and sugar made from.Prepare Steps:wash clean the dry Hawthorn Berry and Semen Cassiae,put into a tea pot,add proper amount clean water,heat and let boil 20 to 30 minutes.To prepare a hawthorn berry tea, take two teaspoons of dried hawthorn berries that have been soaked for at least twelve hours and place them in one.

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