Dayi Yunnan Puer / Pu Erh / Pu Er Tea Raw Pu Er Cake , 357g/cake

Pu-erh tea is made from Yunnan large-leaf varietal of Camellia Sinensis. It is typically processed into compressed cakes, bricks and tuos. Pu-erh is particularly special because it can be aged for decades or longer, always changing and (in most cases) developing more depth and texture. Raw Pu-erh (生茶) is the traditionaBuy raw pu erh tea cakes, tuocha and bricks online. … 2013 Dayi Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake ‘Gao Shan Yun Xiang’ 357g/12.6oz. … The 100 gram weight makes it very accessible for those who want to try a superior sheng (raw) pu’er tea from 2006 at an affordable price. Learn More. $14.95 As low as: $13.50 . Add to Cart.Dayi Yunnan Pu Er Tea Raw Puerh Cake 357g/cake , Find Complete Details about Dayi Yunnan Pu Er Tea Raw Puerh Cake 357g/cake,Pu Er Tea,Dayi Yunnan Pu Erh Tea,Dayi Yunnan Raw Puerh Tea from Slimming Tea Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., Ltd.The unique fragrance of Pu’er tea can last for a long time, the taste is strong and mellow, the soup is orange, and the Pu erh leaves can be brewed several times. The aged Pu erh tea is widely considered to have better taste. The best Pu erh tea brands include Dayi, Chensheng, Fujin, Lancang, Douji and Baohexiang.Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar (70 gram) – 2008 Ripe Yunnan Puer Cha. … Mini Pu’erh Tea Bar – 2012 Pu’er Tea Gift 50g. … A 2019 ripe pu erh tea cake, which was first aged in loose form and later compressed in 2017. This cake consists of fine (gong ting) grade tea leaves and buds. Explore the depth of this tea with changing flavors one steep after …Pu’er or pu-erh is a variety of fermented tea produced in the Yunnan province of China. Fermentation in the context of tea production involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as 黑茶 hēichá (literally, ‘black tea’) commonly translated as ‘dark tea’.Yunnan Sourcing Brand Raw Pu-erh Tea; Yunnan Sourcing Brand Ripe Pu-erh Tea; … Menghai Tea Factory Ripe Pu-erh Teas … 2011 Menghai “Xin Hai Bai Nian” Premium Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake. from $76.00 USD. Quick View + 2011 Menghai 7562 101 Classic Ripe Pu-erh Brick Tea. from $35.00 USD.The Pu-erh Brokers of Yunnan Province. Pu-erh is the Helen of Troy of tea that gets aged like whiskey, dosed like drugs, and coveted by millionaires.Pure Pu’er . Medium-sized selection of higher-end tea. They’ve been around a while and their prices started out comparatively high but have eased closer to the market mean. Summed Up: Medium-high prices, mainly raw pu’erh, small amount of aged and ripe pu’erh. Tea Classico . A newish vendor, with a mix of young and aged pu’erh.

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