Dark amber colored Yunnan puerh leaf teas

JingMai Purple Leaf Sheng Pu-erh is not a named cultivar or variety of tea tree but a local mutation that has evolved over the centuries in the vast tea tree forest of JingMai mountain. These tea trees give the fresh and dried tea leaf this dark, rich color.Organic Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea – Topaz by The Tao Of Tea – Review: This loose leaf pu-erh tea is made from organically grown large-leaf tea plants in Yunnan. This tea provides Amber-dark color liquor, smooth taste and earthy flavor with hints of subtle aroma. It is certified by USDA organic.Raw pu-erh tea from Myanmar (Burma), 100-200-year-old purple trees. Spring 2013. Appearance of dry tea leaves reminds of a Dan Cong tea of light roast. However, it is a purple leaf sheng pu-erh of quite full value, without mistakes in technology, and, accordingly, without distortions in organoleptic.From Guangxi Province, this Hei Cha or traditional, fermented Dark Tea is a “cousin” of Yunnan’s Puerh tea (but please don’t compare the two). Ruby red broth, smooth, sweet and fruity, it is lighter in character than the more heavily fermented puerh tea. Very refreshing and mouthwatering.Pu-erh tea is named after a town called Pu-erh located in central Yunnan. Pu-erh did not produce tea; rather, it was a trading post where all teas produced from the nearby tea mountains were sold and traded. For easy transport, teas were compressed into cakes or bricks and transported to different parts of China and Asia by horse caravan.This selection is handcrafted from a bold-leaf Yunnan varietal. The dry leaves are tightly rolled into a spiral snail shape, dark in color, with golden tip accents. The smooth cup is rich and full-bodied with notes of bittersweet cocoa and carob, as well as the classic Yunnan spice hints.Cups to deep, red-amber color with an underlying hardiness that will leave a rich aftertaste that can be quite appealing to coffee drinkers. Yet, it is moderate in caffeine. Brewing Suggestions Be generous with the leaf, to gain a rich full-tasting cup, we’d suggest 1-2 tablespoons of leaf per 8-12 ounces of water.Yunnan Pu-Erh is a fermented black tea from Yunnan, China. It’s a fully oxidized, full-bodied tea typically enjoyed after a meal. Price reflects 4 oz. of tea.

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