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Home Highlights About Tea Tea & Health Tea Tourism Tea Customs Tea How-To Video Gallery Home / Chinese Tea / About Tea Tools … Shennong (Chinese: 神农), whose name means the Divine Farmer — and who is considered as the ancient Chinese Father ….Chinese Tea – Learn about the role of drinking tea in Chinese culture, its long history, and the different types of Chinese teas. … About's Guide to Coffee and Tea, explores this ancient Chinese art. Finger Tapping – Ever wonder why someone will tap the table ….Home > Lifestyles > Chinese Tea and Herbal Drink > The Health Benefits of Chinese Tea The Health Benefits of Chinese Tea … Tea was considered an elixir in ancient China. The legendary founder of herbology, Shen Nong, contributed to the development of ….Brief introduction on Chinese tea from the aspects of history, classification, wares, culture and how to select excellent tea. Community Answers Home Destinations Tours Small Groups Beijing Packages Asia Tailor My Trip DIY Quote Trains Flights Culture ….Chinese tea is a beverage made from the leaves of tea plants (Camellia sinensis) and boiled water. … China's Ancient Tea Horse Road. Chiang Mai: Cognoscenti Books. ASIN: B005DQV7Q2 ….Chinese tea, a wide variety of brews from green to chrysanthemum, dragon well tea to herbal, tea in Hong Kong is used quench thirst, aid digestion, for health benefits and as a culinary ingredient. ….Top 10 Chinese Tea Facts You Might Not Know by Peter · September 15, 2013 Tea is a kind of beverage that has long been popular originally in China and now almost the whole word. China is the birthplace of tea and produces most varieties of tea. Below are ….Chinese tea and culture is famous around the world. Click here to learn the history, famous Chinese tea types and tips on how to drink tea effectively. Contact us About us USA/CA ….Tea Store Distributors Help Bulk Tea Distributors Wholesale Affiliate Program Shipping Help Refund Policy … Artisan teas, wild tea, ancient tea teas, organic teas. Puer tea, white tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, teaware, tea sommelier cert ….Green Tea health benefit. Maximilian Stock Ltd. Getty Images By Liv Wan Chinese Food Expert Share … Updated July 27, 2016. Quite possibly one of the healthiest things anyone can drink, green tea has been synonymous in Chinese culture for over 4000 ….Home / Tea / Black Tea / Ancient Golden Yunnan , Organic Black Tea Tweet Ancient Golden Yunnan Organic Black Tea Read Reviews | Write a Review Pound ….Chinese herbal teas have been used for centuries to provide healthy refreshment. Each tea can have one ingredient or many. Typical … science; so, check with your doctor before using any of these teas medicinally. As a wise consumer, be sure that your ….History Of Tea: Ancient China 2737 B. C. The history of tea begins in ancient China Shen Nong (Shen Nung, or Shennong) is given the credit for discovering the health benefits of tea from the tea plant Camellia sinensis in the year 2737 B. C. Camellia sinensis is ….What Is Chinese Tea Culture? Tea was used as a ritual offering during the Western Zhou period. … Many Chinese believe in herbal tea’s health benefits, including better complexion, indigestion relief, prevention of heat in the body. improved eyesight, and ….May help maintaining cardiovascular health Du’s tea may help maintain healthy cardiac function. … Du's tree belongs to an ancient plant class and is over 2 million years old. Most of them located in Asia, Europe and North America had been unable to survive ….Chinese tea has different varieties: green, white, oolong, red; they are differentiated by the type of leaves used to make the tea. Although an 8 oz …. Hello, ! UPGRADE TO GOLD for additional benefits PROFILE TRACK EXERCISE PROGRESS COMMUNITY ….Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China. … Chinese social relations Chinese tea Culture of China Gongfu tea ceremony Japanese tea ceremony List of Chinese teas Tea ceremony Teaism ……. Tea processing") and the characteristics of the tea thus made. Under this method, Chinese tea is classified into 6 major types, namely green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea, and Pu'er-type tea. Info. for teachers | About us | Privacy policy | ….Chinese green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many medical practitioners recognize the health benefits of drinking green tea and recommend its consumption to their patients. ….Tea trees originated in China, and when the ancient Chinese civilization discovered the tea tree, they took the tea as a medicine before drinking the tea as a beverage. …

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