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Slimming teas have same benefits as pure teas, but pure teas do not possess the risks associated with slimming teas which contain laxatives. One of the most common laxatives included in slimming tea is senna. Though the senna content in slimming tea may be all natural, it is still a laxative.A majority of complaints for the Slimming Tea is the diarrhea and stomach cramping. Most people don’t realize that the Slimming Tea is a laxative and this can cause issues with people. Another issue with the Slimming Tea is the taste and smell are not appetizing and can make it hard to drink.Although touted to be natural with no caffeine, some of the ingredients in China Slim Tea are natural stimulants. Side effects can include dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat and insomnia. Impact on Kidneys. The herbs contained within China Slim Tea can have adverse and irreversible effects on the kidneys with prolonged use.The caffeine and laxative properties in the tea, such as senna, will move liquid and waste through the body quickly to support weight loss. Step 2 Before lunch, steep one tea bag in 12 ounces of boiling water for two minutes, as recommended by the manufacturers of “Super Dieter’s Chinese Tea.”The only ingredient in the tea, senna, is a laxative that can be dangerous when overused. People claim that China Slim Tea causes weight loss but this is false. The only ingredient in the tea, senna, is a laxative that can be dangerous when overused. … Does China Slim Tea Help You Lose Weight?Cleaning the liver from time to time encourages it to purge fat and eliminate toxins from all areas of the body. Slim tea detox is great because detox tea works gently yet effectively on the liver and encourages it to work well and detoxify your body. With regular intake of the best detox tea for weight loss, you end up slimmer.Smooth Move tea has become my go-to if I feel slightly bloated; it tends to work the quickest, and most consistently, with only a minimal amount of “will I make it to the bathroom in time” guesswork. Yogi’s Get Regular tea is fine if I’m a little gassy, but isn’t nearly as effective against any real stomach pain.The Dark Side Of ‘Detox Teas’: Is Your ‘Slimming’ Tea A Laxative Dressed Up As A Health Drink? Normalising laxatives in everyday products could worsen eating disorders and damage our …These natural Slim Tea ingredients have been put together to help maintain the body’s balance and address bloating. Senna Leaves – The senna leaves in Hyleys Slim Tea is said to deliver the benefits of enhanced metabolism, cleansing , detoxification, and healthy digestion.

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