Bulk packaging loose jasmine puerh teas

Pu-erh tea contains woody, earthy, vegetal, and sometimes smoky notes. Derived from the same plant as black and other tea types, Heavenly Tea Leaves’ selection of premium loose leaf Pu-erh teas are aged to reveal a bold flavor profile, energizing properties, and a host of benefits for the mind and body.We offer all of our loose teas in bulk options to give you premium tea at discount prices. You can try new teas for very little cost with our 5-serving “sample” size. We also offer convenient “tin refill” small bulk bags and large bulk bags (up to 1 lb) to get the most savings.Extremely smooth for a black loose leaf Puerh (pronounced POO-ar), this tea is also known as a “ripe” or “cooked” Puerh. Robust and surprisingly tasty with milk, it is distinctly earthy with an unmistakable aged flavor. The Yunnan province, in southern…Bulk Tea Bags – Pyramid. DIY Packaging Supplies. Iced Tea. Matcha. Disposable Filters. … Bulk Loose Tea. With over 800 ethically produced loose teas and more being added all the time, we’ve got something to suit all of your customers’ tastes. Artisan. … Flavored Pu-erh.Pu’erh is a traditional class of aged Chinese tea that is fermented in addition to the usual oxidation of tea leaves, giving them a unique earthy taste. There is research suggesting Pu’erh may reduce cholesterol, aid in digestion, weight loss, among other health benefits. Available in bulk loose leaf & pyramid tea bags.Shop Numi Organic Tea Bulk | Enjoy savings on favorites like Aged Earl Grey, Jasmine Green and more when you buy 100 count boxes, 12-packs or 6-packs. Our teas are made using premium organic, hand-picked Fair Trade and Fair Labor teas and herbs, blended with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices – and never any “natural” or artificial flavors or fragrances.</p>Wholesale Ordering From Numi Organic Tea Retailers. For your convenience, Numi Tea has partnered with WorldPantry to provide easy online wholesale ordering. These orders are shipped directly to you via UPS.Our Bulk Loose Tea Packaging Options Our loose teas are available in one and five pound bulk packages that are air tight and can be opened and re-sealed with a zip top closure, as well as 4 ounce gold lacquered tins.Wholesale Tea company Tealyra. Buy loose leaf tea; over 500 different loose tea and tea blends. Collection #417.Online wholesale of loose-leaf Pu-erh teas in bulk, available both loose and in teabags. We import all of our bulk Pu-erh teas directly from artisan farmers, without middlemen, to ensure your business is supplied with the freshest varieties at the best possible price. Our Pu-erh tea varieties for include natural and flavored ‘Shou’ Pu-erhs.

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