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This Fermented Tea Helps You Drop Pounds, Cholesterol Points and Even Manage Blood Sugar Levels by DailyHealthPost Editorial August 14, 2015 Tea is a common drink in many cultures, consumed socially, privately, as part of rituals, or for its medicinal properties.Pu’er tea is a type of fermentation tea,has been loved by the majority of female compatriots,Pu’er tea can help warm stomach ,blood sugar reducing, lipids,refreshing,detoxification,digestion,longevity and other effects.meanwhile,pu’er tea in addition to the charactistics of beverages,it has the same collection of cultural relics,more old time …China Yunnan Oldest Raw Puer Puerh Pu’er Tea Iceland Ancient Tree Detoxification Beauty Green FoodThis teapot is manufactured in Taiwan by the company which owns the patent for this teapot. Pure Puer Tea is the official US representative of the Piao I teapot company. Beware of many counterfeit tea pots made in China which attempt to illegally copy the Piao I trademark, packaging and design.Made from up to 200-year-old tea trees, this sweet, light, earthy, clean tasting puer has a hint of plum taste in the throat and tongue. Amount to use: 1 tablespoon of tea to 3/4 of a cup of water (5g tea to 178ml water, or 0.18oz tea to 6oz water.) This tea can be brewed about 10 times.500-800 Year Old Gushu Raw PuErh Bing Dao 2018. Powerhouse Gushu made from est 500-800 year old tea trees in Bing Dao. This is a potent tea with a powerful body sensation. Burnt banana and light, fresh apricot sweetness. Edamame nuttiness moving to a pink grapefruit aroma. Very high minerality and rich mouthfeel.Pure Puer Tea is among the highest quality puer teas in the world. It is hand picked from old and ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the remote misty mountains of Yunnan, China, and aged in the famed Russian River vineyards of Sonoma County, CA.Puer tea polysaccharides decrease blood sugar study. Puer tea polysaccharides lowers blood glucose levels in diabetic mice study. Puer tea may improve obesity, blood lipids, blood sugar, immunity and oxidation study. Watch Nelly describe how she lowered her A1C from 9 (diabetic) to 5.8 (almost normal) in 7 months by drinking Pure Puer Tea.Pu-erh tea can help reduce stress by regulating and protecting the nervous system. … It’s been shown to lower blood sugar, reduce obesity, and boost immunity. Plus, it lowers cholesterol and …

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