Best effective body slimming pu erh puer tea

Pu-erh Tea . Pu-erh tea is the go to tea should you wish to drop a few pounds or need help maintaining your current figure.. Pu-erh tea is a notorious fat blasting weight loss product. Its best known for its ability to help breakdown and digest fatty foods, increase metabolism and shrink cholesterol levels.The fact is, as of 2016 there is no conclusive scientific proof that pu erh tea (sometime written as pur erh tea, puer tea or pu-erh tea) does make you lose weight – at least I haven’t found any and I would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with some clear cut scientific proof.Pu-erh tea suppresses fatty acid synthase expression. Reduce Blood Fat. A 2009 Chinese study conducted by Certificate Assessment Center of Yunnan Pu-erh Tea showed that pu-erh tea reduces blood fats and oxidation damage in rats. Pu-erh tea aqueous extracts lower atherosclerotic risk factors. Reduce Belly FatPu’er, commonly known as pu-erh tea is another of China’s exceptional treasures which has only recently been discovered by the Western world. Also known as aged or vintage tea, pu-erh has many unique qualities. So much that Westerners often liken this exquisite tea to fine wine.The Chinese people believes that Pu erh tea has greater and really effective health benefits than other teas available. Puer tea goes through a very special and unique fermentation process that makes it very beneficial to the digestive system, or Spleen as we describe it in Chinese Medicine.This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat. … Also known as pu’er or pu-erh tea, puerh tea is a type of Chinese black tea that has been fermented. … flavone intake …Pu-erh tea (普洱茶), called bo nay (or po lei, or po lai) tea in Cantonese, and sometimes spelled Puer or Pu’er, is a type of dark tea, a tea that is usually aged. Although it can be consumed immediately after production, Pu-erh is often aged, in a process called post-fermentation. This process involves active bacteria and fungal cultures.Drinking Pu erh Tea weight loss- The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight . Pu erh is a special tea that is derived from the stem and the leaves of camellia sinensis plant. It is also used for producing black, oolong and green tea. For a very long time, tea has been used as a stimulant by many people.Pu-erh tea is the best tea choice to reduce bad cholesterol level and triglycerides in the body. This is because the slow aging of pu-erh tea helps in the production of statin particularly lovastatin. Statins are effective in lowering bad cholesterol in the body.The ingredients of this best slimming tea are organic ripe pu erh tea, organic sencha green tea, carcinia cambogia, senna. … DT-003 Body Slimming Tea Description. Best Slimming Tea. … If you have too many toxins accumulated in your system, effective slimming tea can lead to weight loss. You need to clean everything out of your system.

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