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Our registered brand to USPTO: DeChunXian West Lake Dragon Well Tea and it's benefit: 1. West Lake Dragon Well Tea is the top Chinese green tea and it has been consumed for many countries with a long history of more than 1200 years. Not only get the ….Longjing Tea Longjing Tea Average rating: 163 customer reviews Add Your Review | Read all reviews Tribute Dragon Well tea has a light body with a mesmerizing chestnutty aroma. The Chinese White House consumes 500 kilograms each year. We offer the ….Choosing the Best Dragon Well Tea Dragon Well tea, also known as Longjing tea, is a delicious variety of roasted green tea which is produced in West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China and is widely known for it's high quality, which has earned it ….The West Lake dragon well tea is the most famous green tea from China. This artisanal tea is handpicked and pan-fired by skilled tea masters, resulting in toasty taste and perfectly flattened shape. Beautifully smooth and refreshing ….Beautiful countryside and exquisite tea plantations can be viewed in West Lake Hangzhou, the home of the famous green tea named Dragon Well Green Tea, a Chinese green tea with delicious flavor and aroma and a history of being grown in this area for ….Dechunxian ® China Top Ten Famous Teas- West Lake Dragon Well Tea- Green Tea- 100% Natural Organic – Loose Leaf (Xihu Longjing ….Longjing tea (simplified Chinese: 龙井茶; traditional Chinese: 龍井茶; pinyin: lóngjǐng chá; Cantonese Yale: lung4 jeng2 cha4 … The Kangxi Emperor's grandson, the Qianlong Emperor, visited West Lake during one of his famous holidays. He went to the Hu The ….Xihu Longjing Tea, a famous kind of green tea in China, grows in the mountains around the Xihu Lake (West Lake) of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, including areas like Lion Mount, Longjing Mount, the Wuyun Mountain and Hupao. Depending on the differences of ….Longjing Tea Tea Wares Chinese Alcohol Cooking Class Food and Drink Tips Chinese Food Pictures … Home / Chinese Culture / Food & Drink / Tea / Longjing Longjing Tea Strolling around the famous West Lake, can you smell the sweet fragrance of tea from ….Xihu Longjing tea (West Lake Dragon Well tea) is often considered as the No 1 of 700 Famous Chinese Teas. Here is why. Xihu Longjing Tea ….Xihu Longjing tea (West Lake Dragon Well tea) is often considered as the No 1 of 700 Famous Chinese Teas. Here is why. Xihu Longjing Tea ….There are several opinions of the best Chinese teas, or the title China's Famous Teas (中国名茶) or Ten Great Chinese Teas (中国十大名茶), depending on current trends in Chinese tea, as well as the region and tastes of the person. Compilation of top ten list ….My favorite Chinese tea is the Long Jing, the green tea produced close to the West Lake of Hangzhou. … the different classes of Chinese tea and the most famous tea brands of China (for each class of tea there are many different brands, for instance you have ….Dragon Well tea/Green Tea Longjing/Lungching tea In addition to West Lake, another name brand of Hangzhou is Dragon Well tea(Dragon Well Green Tea), called Longjing tea or Lungching tea in Chinese. Longjing/Dragon Well tea is a famous green tea, which It ….West Lake Dragon Well tea is called "Queen of Tea", containing more … Grocery & Gourmet Food: See all 451 items Choice Organic Dragon Well Green Tea, 20 Count Box ….In 2008, the roasting production technique of West Lake Longjing tea was listed as a Chinese national-level intangible cultural heritage. … Some of the best-known West Lake Longjing brand names are those from Shifeng (Lion's Peak), Wengjia Mountain, Yunqi ….This premium grade Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing) comes from its origin area Si Feng Shan, Xihu, Zhejiang. Best quality with reasonable price. One of China's top ten teas. … Western Method Chinese Gongfu Way Teapot: 8.8oz / 250ml Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml.Buy longjing(dragon well) organic green tea online, Longjing (Dragon Well) green tea is divided into seven grades: Superior, … (Dragan well) tea [ long jing green tea ] to the West Lake, always refers to the good tea resembling a beauty queen. Hangzhou is ….Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Plantation is one of the Four Famous Plantations for Dragon Well Tea in China. Its featured tea farm village is rich in tea culture. Contact us ….Longjing (Dragon Well) is produced at Longjing Village near West Lake, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It was historically divided into four kinds, namely, 'lion', 'dragon', 'cloud' and 'tiger'. The best Longjing tea is produced on the Lion Mountain, and is named Lion …

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