Banzhang gushu Puerh Raw teas

500-800 Year Old Gushu Raw PuErh Bing Dao 2018. Powerhouse Gushu made from est 500-800 year old tea trees in Bing Dao. This is a potent tea with a powerful body sensation. Burnt banana and light, fresh apricot sweetness. Edamame nuttiness moving to a pink grapefruit aroma. Very high minerality and rich mouthfeel.Raw PuErh (Sheng) is always an energetic tea with a fairly high dose of caffeine, but when that tea is a Gushu, the feeling is deeper in the body with that physical tingle in the mouth spreading to the roots of the hair, down the spine and into the legs – it is an all body feeling.Bana Tea Company offers a thoughtful selection of premium raw Pu-erh teas that were researched with great pleasure. We also offer Other Tea Discoveries that we’ve found to be noteworthy and delicious. Sampler collections and Gift Packs can be found as well. Purchase one for yourself or a friend today.Perfect tea for the fall weather that you can enjoy by itself or pair with your favorite fall desserts, such as pumpkin pie. Hekai Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh starts with a lasting honey scent and a roasted nut note. After a few brews, a hint of rose petals develops on the nose. We highly recommend this tea for those who like our Jade Pu’er collection and are interested in exploring more aged tea …The taste of the old Banzhang Pu-erh tea: the old Banzhang Pu-erh tea, the tea is strong, the thick and mellow, the domineering, in the Pu-erh tea has always been honored as the “king”, “tea king”, “Banzhang king” and other supreme reputation . In the Banzhang, the Pu-erh soup is soft, and there is no bitterness or scent.This raw Puerh Tea Cake is made entirely of the spring raw material from Guo Gan (Myanmar). The wild tea trees grown among the forest gives the tea with strong Alpine notes and rich substance. The tea has a distinctive character and is known for its long-lasting aroma.If you’re even moderately into puerh tea at all you will eventually come across the term ‘gushu‘ (古树). What does it mean? The term is a simple Chinese word meaning “ancient tree”; gu (古) means ancient, and shu (树) means tree. [ ‘shu’ in this case is not the same word as is used for shu/shou/ripe puerh. the sound is simBānzhāng Darjeeling Wuliang Jasmine Tea Pu-erh Hei Cha Shu – Ripe Puerh Nánnuò Experiencing tea Tea infusion Gushu Sheng – Raw Puerh Black tea Green tea Japan Matcha 抹茶 Yìwǔ Red tea Melon Yibang Health India Myanmar (Barma) Hekai Pasha 2011 Cake 2014 Flavored tea China Manzhuan Yōulè Mushroom – Jin Cha Oolong Lincang Bulang Jingmai …Natural Puerh is one of the best places from where you can buy Matcha Puerh, tea boutiques and organic green tea at very competitive prices. Where to buy pu-erh tea online? Natural Puerh is one of the best places from where you can buy Matcha Puerh, tea boutiques and organic green tea at very competitive prices. … Banzhang gongrui Qizi raw Pu …

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