357g puer tea cake healthy drink tea for lungs

Home pu erh tea pu erh tea cakeChinese Yunnan Pu Erh Tea Shu Puerh Tea Cake 357g. Sale! Chinese Yunnan Pu Erh Tea Shu Puerh Tea Cake 357g $ 97 $ 66. Chinese pu erh tea for sale. Buy shu pu erh tea with health benefits of stress reducing, and as a digestive aid for weight loss slimming. 5 in stock. … You can get 3 months out of a cake drinking …Recommend to drink Chinese weight loss tea one hour after meal. Chinese Yunnan Pure Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake 357g quantity. Add to basket. Categories: pu erh tea cake, Sheng Puerh Tags: chinese weight loss tea, pu erh tea cake, sheng puerh. Description; Reviews (0) Description yunnan puer tea.aged raw pu erh tea. buy aged pu erh tea cake online for sale. premium chinese Yunnan raw pu erh tea with health benefits to control blood fat so that it can lose weight and lower blood pressure. 4 in stock. Aged Premium Chinese Raw Pu erh Tea Cake 357g quantity. Add to basket. Categories: pu erh tea cake, Sheng Puerh Tags: …This 357g cake’s “tasseography” wrapper is an original lino-cut hand-printed on hand-made paper by the New York artist Elaine Su-hui Chew. The tea comes from a village called Guo Jia Shan (过甲山). We were shocked there’s still such a poor village in Yiwu area, many of the kids are barefeet and lacking clothes.It is usually a very highly fermented tea. You can purchase Pu-erh tea in loose leaf form but the traditional and most widely way to purchase Pu-erh tea is in brick or cake form, where they compress the tea leaves extremely tightly into the shape of a disc, brick, square, bird’s nest or some other tightly compressed shape.Pu-erh tea may be a great way to boost your overall health and add more variety to your tea cabinet. Although it’s safe to drink in moderation, you should check with your doctor if you have an …1962 Year 250g Chinese Yunnan Puer Tea Brick Ancient Pu-erh Tea Health Tea Brick. $7.59. … Make Offer – 2009 Yunnan Yiwu Ancient Tree Tea Pu’er Ripe Tea Cake Puer Shu Cha Pu Er 357g. lose weight puerh tea Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Fermented . $100.00. … Tea & Soft Drinks; Tea & Infusions; Coffee; Energy & Fitness Drinks; Soft Drinks;C-PE202 Spring Raw Puer Tea Cake Old Tree Tea Yunnan Sheng Pu’er Seven Sons Healthy Food 357g. It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed.World renowed tea store is an international trading company in China. It mainly exports various Chinese famous teas, Chinese herbs and health products. We are a leading retailer of high quality loose teas, such as Pu’er, Green tea, Black tea, Dark tea, White tea, Oolong tea and flower tea etc.

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