3 years raw puerh tea will get better with age

A Guide to Puerh Tea Which sheng will get better with age? A Shenzhen tea dealer’s experience . November 2010. If you want to talk about the ageing ability of puerh, let me begin by discussing my experience with aging puerh.In fact, it seemed to get better with age, which is why to this day, pu-erh is aged and valued in a similar fashion to wine. You can even find pu-erhs that are half a century old. Pu-erh (pronounced poo-air and spelled many different ways) is often wrongly classified as a black tea, but it’s actually a dark tea , which means that it’s a …Raw pu-erh tea boasts a flavor that is earthy and woody. Good quality pu-erh with taste mildly sweet with a mellow body. The longer raw pu-erh ages naturally, the more rich and nuanced the flavor becomes. Like fine wines, this tea gets better with age. Ripe pu-erh, or artificially aged pu-erh, also offers an earthy and woody aroma.If the above advice still doesn’t work for you, then switch to raw pu erh teas. Raw pu erhs are less savory and intense, instead they tend to be more green, flowery and fresh, which might suit you better. Pu erh Tea Tastes like Fish. While ripe pu erh can taste like dirt, a raw pu erh can sometimes taste fishy. There are a few ways to explain.Pu-erh Tea can help reduce the negative effects of alcohol consumption, so get up and prepare a cup of Pu-erh Tea. You will feel better and that horrible headache will be long gone. The caffeine will deal with your headache while at the same time this tea invigorates the liver and spleen, helping you to recover from alcohol damage. Cancer FighterPu’er or pu-erh is a variety of fermented tea produced in the Yunnan province of China. Fermentation in the context of tea production involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as 黑茶 hēichá (literally, ‘black tea’) commonly translated as ‘dark tea’.Pu-erh teas are fermented and aged, meaning they only get better with age, improving in flavor and thus increasing in value. Rich, earthy, and always smooth, pu-erhs are one of the most complex tea categories.Tree Age in Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 130] Posted on May 25, 2017 by James This episode, James talks about the tricky topic of tree age, a common marketing point for dealers of modern pu’erh.The overall consensus is that gushu tastes better. That’s not to say that puerh from younger trees is bad, but there is a difference. It is also understood that gushu is more likely to age well. That’s an important consideration of you are buying in bulk now to store for the next 20 years with the intent to age.Crimson Lotus also presses their own raw pu-erh for aging or drinking right now; the 2015 Hidden Song is a tasty fresh tea that will appeal to green tea fans, while the already enticing 2015 Slumbering Dragon will only get better with time.

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