2014 New pressed rose petal pu-erh teas

This tea is made from ripened pu-erh tea compressed with rose flowers to create these gorgeous miniature cakes. The rose lends a light, sweet floral note to the mellow earthy pu-erh flavors, perfectly creating a unique flavor profile.Premium rose petals and buds adorn a variety of loose leaf teas in our collection, ranging from caffeine-free herbal teas to white tea. Roses are a naturally calming flower that can soothe the soul, from the first aroma to the last sip. Experience pure aromatherapy with any of our gourmet rose tea blends.Dark Rose Tea-This Dark tea from Hunan province of China, is medium to full bodies, very smooth, with a delicious dusty rose flavor and aroma. Contains dark tea and rose petals. Comes in approximately 5 gram pressed tea pieces. Use one in a mug and sORGANIC UNREFINED CANE at WISE TEA GARDEN: Origin: Columbia. This soft, caramel-toned, unrefined sugar is made from cold-pressed, evaporated cane juice. It has a sweet, rich caramel flavour with the superbly fresh vegetable undertones. It is great for all of your baking needs, to sweeten any beverages and smoothies, and especially delicious, when it is used as a crumble toppings on pies and …Premium Certified Organic Black, Green, White, Matcha, Rooibos, Flavoured, Rare, Organic Jasmine, Organic Pearl matcha, Organic Darjeeling, Organic Ceylon, etc. Our Organic Teas are packed at a HACCP certified facility and have certifications of CFIA COR (Canadian Organic Regime), USDA NOP, and/or EU Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G). Also, all teas, including organic must be able to pass the …Available both loose leaf and in pressed 100g cake, this new 2019 tea is picked from the early spring buds of the Camellia Crassicolumna (厚轴茶) tree, a close relative of tea native to Qianjiazhai. Crassicolumna is naturally caffeine-free and rich in antioxidants.Pu-erh is the most fermented tea, with a very low content of tannin. Pu-ERh Mandarins, Whole Leaf Black Tea Pu-Erh style, and Exotic blends of Black Tea with roasted Arabica Coffee are in our inventory.This is a lovely rose black tea with the flower bouquet and flavor you would expect. I especially like it with a pu’erh tea mixed in. The pu’erh by itself is too earthy for my taste, but a little mixed in to this rose tea seems to deepen and enhance the flavor.I have my own way of rating teas that makes each one personal. I have different categories, I rate each tea depending on what it is made of. For example: I rate green teas in a different way to black teas or herbal teas. So black, white, green, Pu Erh, Rooibos, Oolong, blends and tisanes all have their own rating system.

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