200g Yunnan Old Tea Tree Good Taste Black Tea with Gift Box

Gift iron boxed weight loss yunnan dian hong black tea 15 pcs tuocha first level pu’er tea, cooked; Chinese Famous 2015 New puer tea 200g yunnan Artificial cooked pu er tea 200g puer cake health food Old Tree green puer tea.Yunnan Noir is a black tea from the Yunnan province of China, the birthplace of tea itself. Much of the tea in this southern province is a large leaf variety. Mountains veiled in mist, with clean water and rich soil form ideal growing conditions and contribute to the unique flavor.Yunnan tea is a black tea that’s easily identified by its luscious soft leaves and a unique peppery taste. Our Yunnan Gold is an exceptional quality tea with beautiful gold-colored leaves and an abundance of rich peppery flavor. Allowed to take only one tea to a desert island, ‘Yunnan Gold’ would be our clear choice.Yunnan Gold black tea (also known as Dian Hong) is easily identified by its abundance of soft golden tips, and savory cocoa and black pepper flavors. This artisan tea hails from the Yunnan province of China, the birthplace of tea itself. Our high-grade Yunnan Gold is milk chocolate creamy and sweet, with pleasant pepper notes.Also, black tea is rich in natural fluorides that supposedly support a long teeth health and life. Preparation. For the preparation of our Wild Yunnan Golden Tips Dian Hong Tea, we recommend a dosage of 3-5g of the golden tea buds on 200-300ml water of a temperature of 90+°C and an infusion period of 3 minutes for a first infusion.A collection of aroma from the primordial forest, enjoy the smooth taste and health benefits. Using only techniques passed down for generations, Pu’er tea–our specialty of the house– is handcrafted by traditional farmers in Yunnan Province, the origin of tea. Pu’er tea is known since Ancient China for its natural aroma, smooth taste and healthy benefits like weight reduction and digestion.C-PE319 Yunnan Pu’er Raw Tea Ancient Tree Sheng Puerh Golden Leaf Snowy Mountain Iceland Big Leaf 357g. The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries. It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed.Welcome to my eBay store. Please add me to your favourite list. I am glad to deal with you. Enjoy your Life-reflect beauty,pleasure,health and happiness… Shopping in my outlet store = Refuse profits!Can let modern people drink to review good puer tea. 62 jujube fragrant tea brick is wine making tea, the continuation of the ancient tea culture in Yunnan, Yunnan unique source of ancient tea land. 1962 Year 250g Chinese Yunnan Puer Tea Brick Ancient Tree Pu-erh Tea Gift Witty | eBay

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