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Aged Puerh Tea is Always Better . Although the common belief is that Puer improves with age, this does not translate to a direct old equals good equation. Aged tea has a different character than young Puerh tea, which tends to be stronger and more brash, with potential for strong characteristics of astringency and bitterness.Buy Pu’er or Pu-erh tea online here in Australia. Pu-erh Tea has long been identified in Chinese medicine as a daily medicinal essential as well as assisting in weight loss and digestion. This tea is known as Pu’Er due to the area of Yunnan Province that this famous and ancient category comes from.Pu-erh tea (also commonly known as ‘puer,’ ‘pu’er,’ ‘po lei’ and ‘bolay’ tea, and known as ‘dark tea’ or ‘black tea’ in China) is a semi-rare type of tea that is made in Yunnan, China. In the West, pu-erh tea is known for its health benefits, but there are many misconceptions about pu-erh’s flavor, processing, and other attributes.What’s so unique about the tea is the aging process that it undergoes. Its important to mention here that there are two categories of this specific tea, Ripe and Raw pu erh tea. Raw is the traditional tea and ripe is a more modern variation. More on these categories shortly.Pu-erh, which is processed in a special way to encourage microbial fermentation after the leaves are dried, ages more dynamically than any tea out there. It does not have fans. It has junkies who buy kilos of the stuff at a time to bliss out on days-long brewing sessions, only dropping out of their highs long enough to argue over the best pu-erh blends, growing regions, and storage methods.Raw Pu’er differs from ripe pu’er because it is not fermented. Raw pu’er is closer to a white or green tea in that it is sun dried and dehydrated almost immediately to keep a fresher, more invigorating aroma and flavor. Though, it is still often classified as a dark tea.You can still taste the raw essence of the tea plant in a raw pu’er.Of course, all foods and drinks last for a shorter period of time if they are not stored properly. But remember that tea, like a lot of other drinks, usually has a best before date and not an expiration date or use by date.Because of this distinction, you may safely use it to compliment your favorite meals even after the best before date has lapsed.Fields select Tea From Yunnan Puerh Tea company For Christmas Gifts Good Taste Chinese Weight Loss Organic Jasmine Green Tea hot selling health and detox tea bag,beauty product for male genital systemThis tea is very smooth and mellow, great for those who are new to puerh tea as well as for puerh tea lovers. Unlike many other raw puerh teas, there is no bitterness, instead the liquor is very sweet almost like drinking mountain spring water. Jingmai tea is known for its orchid aroma and a sweet, satisfying taste.

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