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The Coolest Tea Ever: XIAO TSING GAN (similar pronunciation of Sweetheart in Chinese) Pu’er Tea is the coolest innovation and the boldest trial of tea beverages ever. Top grade XINHUI orange peel filled in with imperial-grade YUNNAN ripe (shou) Pu’er tea leaf, the hottest tea of 2017 .Pu’er, Pu-erh, Puer, Puerh also Po Lei or Bolay is a variety of post-fermented tea original produced in Yunnan province, China. Post-fermentation is a Chinese tea production style in which the tea leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process after they are dried and rolled to produce dark tea.50pcs different Kinds flavors Chinese yunnan puer tea puer ripe pu er tea bag gift the puerh tea pu er food lose weight products 100 % of buyers enjoyed this product! Availability: in stockThis robust ripe Chinese pu’erh was harvested from semi-wild Arbor trees in Menghai in 1991, and dry stored in China’s state owned tea factory in Kunming under specialized care. 20-year-old 1990s Rare Wild Arbor Ripe Pu’erh is mellow and smooth, with flavors of dark bourbon and a honey like sweetness.It is a very famous pu’erh variety, also known as ‘Dragon Lumps’, or ‘pu’erh rocks’. It has a pleasant bitterness, with a nutty and pronounced taste of dried fruit, a sweet soft flavor with hints of chocolate and a very long aftertaste. 1998 Year Lao Cha Tou Ripe Pu’erh produces a thick, heavy tea infusion, and is a wonderful pu’erh that we are …Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea Mix 6 Review(s) | Add Your Review If you are new to pu erh tea and have yet to discover the different types of aromas it offers, then this mini tuocha tea mix is the right place to start.Ripe pu’erh was created to feed Hong Kong’s enormous appetite for aged pu’erh and more fermented tea. The process was invented by two of the largest pu’erh tea factories (Menghai and Kunming Tea Factories) in the early 1970s. Ripe pu’erh’s processing mimics the aging process of sheng pu’erh in a short 45-day span!Toki/Tim (of Mandarin Tea) outlines two primary reasons for pu’erh storage, (a) to store the tea and (b) to to refine taste and develop the character of the tea.For those in category A, as long as you don’t follow any of the big mistakes (storing it with food or under light) and steadily drink your tea there’s not much point worrying about any of these storage schools.It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed. Ingredient Sunning, Ecological Large Leaf Tea Of Origin,Yunn an China. … 100g Chinese Ripe Puer Tea Pu-erh Tuo Tea Yunnan Mini Puerh Ball Tea Black Tea 茶 … Details about Flavor Pu’er \ Pu …

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