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High mountain natural OPA Moc Chau Vietnam Green tea. VIET NAM TROPICAL TEA JOINT STOCK COMPANYYou are here: Home » Vietnam Photos » Green tea hills in Moc Chau. Green tea hills in Moc ChauDay 2: Moc Chau – Green tea hill –  Phieng Canh. XinchaoVietnam.org is to provide interesting, useful information about Vietnam for foreigners who would.

Grade:high grade. Shelf Life:New crop in 2011. Viet Nam Moc Chau Green Tea / Vietnam Green Tea for sale100% natural safety clean material from high mountains. such as PhuTho, Moc Chau, Thai Nguyen. Moc Chau Green TeaSearch results for high from GK VIET NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Get exactly what you're looking for.in Vietnam, specialized in manufacturing and exporting tea products for worldwide markets, meeting the taste of consumers from. moc chau green tea, high.

Vietnam Green tea Moc Chau. We are strong in export Green tea Moc Chau,High mountain Green tea , Green tea Thai Nguyen, Green tea Ba Vi, oolong green.my products: green tea moc chau, lai chau, thai nguyen; black tea OP, OPA; Spices. Green tea 1, Tea manufacturer 2, 100 % material of tea high mountain.Other improvements to the flowering meadows, hills of green tea makes the allure of Moc Chau any time during the year. eats Vietnam mountain <a>.

Green tea hills in Moc Chau Viet Nam. When people speak of the plateau of Moc Chau, they often think about green tea hills stretching along the hillside.Moc Chau Plateau (Son La) has a pristine natural landscape which always turns marvelously. mountain range and shines the last sunlight of a day into tea.Home Vietnam tours The green tea plantations in Moc Chau. All created an extremely beautiful natural picture.

Moc Chau, Vietnam Moc Chau, Moc Chau North West Vietnam – Trip. Located at the height of 1,050m above sea level, Moc Chau is a steppe with green tea.Vietnam Dirtbike Travel was found in 2009 by some of “Dirtbike-Friends”. It is known and remembered to Moc Chau with those green hills and lush tea.Moc Chau is also well-known for its vast tea hills and its fresh milk, milk cakes and yoghurt thanks to a nearby. Vietnam Transportations – How to Get.The heart-shape green tea hill in Moc Chau, Vietnam. So romantic for every couple <3. Фото пользователя Hotels-in-Vietnam

200g Green Tea – Moc Chau Thai Nguyen. Vinatea a powerful team of leading researchers and experimentalists of Vietnam coordinating with many well-known.., Moc Chau is a vast steppe with tea hills, green pastures, herd of dairy cows grazing, attractive natural sites, traditional festivals of the locals.Moc Chau 1, high grade quality, green tea OP. Black CTC Grade: BP1 Origin: Vietnam Mnf: Orient Dragon Jsc Crop: Q4 2012 Liqor: red .

Moc Chau is a significant producer of high-quality milk and tea. Accommodation in Vietnam > Transportation > Vietnamese visa > Vaccination &gt.Its natural land is fertile. Ranges of plum and peach trees on hills and green expanses of tea leaves are among the most impressive features of Moc Chau.Green Star Resources Co., Ltd. вьетнаме зеленый чай: тай-нгуен чай, moc чау чай, ха жанг чай, дао кай чай..

To Moc Chau in the last days of April, Moc Chau is no longer the immense paradise flower, instead the tea sea green. With natural beauty and diverse.In Moc Chau they can enjoy the spring, take in the green of the fields and the plateau and, of. MOC CHAU – tea plantations and ethnicity | North VietnamThis Vietnam Northwest Motorbike Tour help you ride along the destinations of Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Tuan Giao, Lai Chau. conquer the high mountain passes.With so many mountains and high hills surrounding, Moc Chau has many advantages for. MOC CHAU PLATEAU – AMAZING MOTORBIKE RIDE IN NORTH VIETNAM

Visiting tea plantations in Moc Chau. Vast green tea plantations seem to have their own attractiveness.The main road from Son La climbs onto a thousand-metre-high. Located at the height of 1,050m above sea level, Moc Chau is a steppe with green tea hills.Mist hangs over the hills of green tea trees, the. And nothing is wonderful than climbing to the high mountains to contemplate the beauty of Moc Chau.

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